The Superbonus 110 % is an extraordinary opportunity to retrofit your property for free. BL Consulting can apply invoice discount to make it easier. When you can’t use the Superbonus BL Consulting can help you to take advantage of others tax bonuses and still apply invoice discount.
BL Consulting as General Contractor:
Bl Consulting has got a long-time experience which offers to its customers to provide a reliable and efficient 360-degree service. As a General Contractor we will supervise the whole process of planning, building and obtaining bonuses. You can rely on a solid company with a well-established team that will be able to take care of every work-phase with professionalism. By choosing one single figure who coordinates the process it is possible to simplify communications and avoid delays and misunderstandings between professionals and contractors.
Our turnkeys working-model is divided in 4 steps:
1. preliminary check without obligation directly from home;
2. first inspection;
3. requirements check to obtaining the bonuses and project;
4. building-fase with invoice-discount.
Who can benefit of Superbonus 110%?
Independent private homes or condominiums can benefit from the Superbonus 110%. For condominiums the deduction is also available, for the common parts, for non-residential units such as shops, offices and warehouses.
Which works can benefit from the Superbonus 110%?
The Superbonus is intended to reduce the energy consumption of existing buildings; thus, it is necessary to demonstrate an improvement in the energy class by at least two levels. The Sismabonus 110% also allows you to secure your homes by reducing seismic vulnerability.
If you are not eligible for Superbonus 110% or Sismabonus 110% BL can help you to obtain other tax benefits while still obtaining the invoice discount.
The following are the other bonuses available:
- Facade bonus at 90% for buildings in zones A, B and similar;
- 50% Renovation bonus to renovate your home without having to comply with other requirements;
- 65% Ecobonus for energy improvements below the two classes or for subjects with business income on capital goods;
- Sismabonus up to 85% for interventions on capital goods for subjects with business income.
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